How to Wash Sweatshirts Without Pilling

How to Wash Sweatshirts Without Pilling | You Must Know

Sweatshirts are comfortable and popular clothing items for men and women. There are two main types of sweatshirts which come with wool and the other one cotton sweatshirt. 

More so, you can wear sweatshirts on many occasions, including at the gym and hiking. There is also another type of sweatshirt that is called fleece sweatshirt. 

It is mainly used by people not interested in buying a regular sweatshirt because of its price, and the quality is similar to a fleece blanket.

Now let us talk about washing sweatshirts, which is one of the essential things that you must follow. 

First, you should know that washing sweatshirts is essential because it can improve the lifespan of the clothing. When you wash a sweatshirt, you can wash it alone because they don't have any treatment to prevent the pilling of the material. 

How to Wash Sweatshirts Without Pilling – Best Tips

Some people love wearing Best Sweatshirts For Mens but have no idea how to wash them. They do everything possible to make their sweatshirts look clean, but unfortunately, it is impossible.

If you have to wear a sweatshirt in winter, then it is not a wise decision because sweatshirts are pretty heavy. So if you want to keep your sweatshirt clean, there are some easy tips.

Step 1

First, choose the best washing machine for your sweatshirt. You don't want to wash your sweatshirt in a cheap machine. If you have your washing machine, then read the tips carefully.

Step 2   

Wash your sweatshirt in cold water. But, first, you must know that if you wash your sweatshirt in hot water, it will shrink it a little. 

Although, cold water will save your sweatshirt from any shrinkage, and it will make your sweatshirt look fresh for a longer time.

Step 3   

Always dry your sweatshirt in the shade. If you place your sweatshirt outside in the direct sunlight, it will fade away faster. So, place your sweatshirt in the corner of the room and dry it there.

Step 4   

Don't put your sweatshirt in the dryer. You can dry your sweatshirt in the hot sun, but the best thing is to dry it under the sun. Dry it in the summer, and you will see the results.

Step 5   

Use a stain remover. You must use a stain remover if a particular food stains your sweatshirt. 

First, wet the spot, then rub the stain remover and dry it properly. If you still see stains, soak the sweatshirt in vinegar and leave it dry.

Step 6   

Don't put your sweatshirt near your bed. I know you will get the best sleep in a clean and comfortable bed, but you must understand that your sweatshirt is an impurity. So, avoid it as much as you can.

How to Prevent Sweat and Pilling on the Sweatshirts?

Maintaining a proper routine can easily avoid the sweat and pilling issue. Here are the tips that will help you to keep the sweat away and the fabric to remain in its original shape;

Don't Let the Cloth Get Wet

First, we need to know that the sweat will be more in the inner part of the sweatshirt than the outer part. When your clothes get wet, you should be aware of it.

So, when you feel the wet feeling, immediately remove it and dry it on a radiator.

Change the Shape and Style of the Sweat

If you are wearing a shirt and the neck area gets wet, you should wear the same shirt with a round collar. If it has a V-neck, it will be acceptable to wear. This way, the sweat will come in the lower part and will not affect your neck. 

Use an Anti-Pilling Laundry Detergent

Many people have the habit of putting sweatshirts in the washing machine. Unfortunately, when it is too hot, this will create sweat, and then when the sweatshirts come out of the washing machine, they have to get dried again. It is the biggest mistake that can destroy your shirt.

In addition, if you have the chance to buy an anti-pilling detergent, then it will make life easy for you. You’ll need to buy and use it in the washing machine.


In the end, the key to preventing pilling is to wash your sweatshirts in a gentle cycle with no agitation. If washing your sweatshirts in the machine, use a front-loading washer with a delicate cycle.


1. Why does my sweatshirt pill up after washing?

The material used to make your sweatshirt is the main reason it pilled up after washing. It is made out of synthetic fibers. The synthetic fibers tend to pill up when you wash them.

2. How long should I dry my sweatshirt after washing it?

It would help if you hung your sweatshirt up to dry. You can speed up the drying process by hanging it up.

3. Do I need to handwash my sweatshirt?

No, you don't need to hand-wash your sweatshirt. Instead, you can wash it in the washing machine.

4. What if I want to remove the stains from my sweatshirt?

You can use a fabric softener. However, ensure you don't use too much because it may make the material too soft.

5. How do I care for my sweatshirt?

It would help if you washed your sweatshirt in cold water. If you wash it in hot water, the material may shrink.

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