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How to Wash Hoodies Without Shrinking and Still Look Like New! (Steps & Tips)

We all know that washing our clothes by hand can make them clean without any damage. But there are even better ways to wash your favourite hoodie and get it looking brand new. Here are some of my favourite methods to wash hoodies without shrinking or losing any fashion appeal.

Having a washing machine at home is great, also laundry detergent makes a big difference. You might even consider purchasing high-rated powder. But not only do detergents make your clothes look like new, but the way you wash them!

Meanwhile, washing a hoodie is a great way to turn your laundry into a fun craft activity. You’ll learn how to wash a hoodie without shrinking it.

Why Wash Your Hoodies?

Washing your clothes is an important part of life. Even though you might have your own laundry room at home, it is easy to forget about doing laundry. Washing your clothes by hand may seem like a good idea, but it is much better to use a washing machine. By doing this, you will be able to save a lot of time, which you can use to accomplish other tasks.

But if you do, it is important to wash your clothes properly. Otherwise, you may damage your clothing. Washing clothes properly is very important. To ensure your clothes come out looking good as new, follow these steps.

How to Wash a Hoodie Without Shrinking it?

Hoodies like Monday Premium Zip Hoodie tend to shrink if you wash them too many times. The first thing that you have to do is make sure that you hang your hoodies in the right way. Put your hoodies on hangers and wait to let them dry. Make sure that you only use detergent and no fabric softener.

More importantly, do not use the dryer or the ironing board. Always remove the tags from your hoodies before you wash them.

  • No Need to Wash After Every Wear

Washing your clothes every time you wear them is not necessary. It is fine to wash your clothes once a week or depending upon the conditions. In fact, you should wash your clothes as soon as they look dirty. Because at that time stains are fresh and removed after a soft washing cycle which saves time and energy. 
  • Sort Them by Color

Secondly, when you have sorted your clothes into color groups, you can clean them more quickly and efficiently. This method saves both time and money.

In order to sort your clothes by color, you can use the following tips.

  • Use a laundry basket or plastic storage containers to gather laundry.

  • It is important to place your clothes in the correct order.

  • You should start with your white clothes and then move on to the darker colors in the next group.

  • It’s essential to check the hoodie pockets and make sure they are empty.

  • Flip Them Inside Out

Thirdly, when you just leave hoodies as it is, the dirt will stick to them. If you don't flip them inside out, you may have to bear some dirt on hoodies for a long time. 

In addition, the process of washing inside out will ensure that all the dirt and dust are removed from the clothes. Meanwhile, the core surface of the zip-up hoodie remains safe from shrinking.

  • Use Cold Water

Cold water is good for cleaning your laundry. In the beginning, put your White Hoodies in the washing machine. Fill the drum with cold water. It’s better to rinse out your washer before starting the cleaning cycle.

Let the cold water circulate through the machine. As cold water takes less energy as well as it does not damage the fabric life.

  • Pour Detergent

After adding water, pour the detergent into the machine. You can use any kind of regular detergent, or check the tag placed on the hoodie washing guide. As some detergents aren’t made for sensitive fabrics and may shrink them.
  • Let Them Dry Slowly

Once the washing process is completed, always let your hoodies dry slowly. This will help to prevent shrinkage. If you use hot water, you might find that your clothes shrink a lot.

Things to Avoid while Washing the Hoodies

There are many things you should avoid doing to your zip-up or pullover hoodies. Often, hoodies are ironed incorrectly. It’s the worst thing people do.
  • Washing in Hot Water

Washing your hoodie in hot water can be the biggest mistake you make when you’re trying to keep your clothes looking new. You may notice that your clothes shrink when you wash them in hot water.

Moreover, shrinkage is caused by the water that has penetrated the clothing. It is not desirable because it will make your clothes look worn out. It is also not advisable to hang your clothes outside for too long.
  • Not Using Enough Detergent

The second problem with washing your garments. If you use too little detergent, then the soap won’t get into the creases of your clothes.
  • Using Fabric Softener

Fabric softener is another common mistake that people make. You shouldn’t use fabric softener, because it can make your clothes look old and shabby.
  • Direct Ironing Apparels

Another misconduct that people make is ironing their hoodies. It’s vital to remember that some clothes need ironing, while others need light ironing. Like, hoodies are made to stay in shape while you wear them. But if you directly iron them, they lose their actual elasticity.

Therefore, keep in mind to use a sheet, place it on a hoodie, and then iron at a normal rate.

  • Not Washing at All

You should always make sure that you wash your attire. Make a schedule to wash used ones after every two weeks. If you don’t wash your dresses, then they’ll start to smell and fabric life decreases over time.

  • Not Storing Them Properly

The wardrobe is the best place to hang the washed hoodies. When you pull out all the apparel, gently clean the wardrobe.

Likewise, next time when you have to wear any outfit, you can just open the door and wear what you want. Instead of finding them from peaks.


In conclusion, you have probably heard the phrase “wear and tear” and its effects on Apparel. We know that our clothes will lose elasticity and will shrink and that if we wash them too often, they will lose color and become dingy and faded.

However, when you follow the steps mentioned above. You will significantly see the positive changes not only in hoodies but overall outfits as well.


What is the best way to wash a hoodie?

I suggest washing your hoodie in cold water and hanging it out to dry. This helps prevent shrinking and gives the fabric a longer life.

What happens if I put a hoodie in the dryer?

Most manufacturers don’t recommend putting a hoodie in the dryer. It can cause damage to the fabric and make it shrink.

Do you have any tips for washing a hoodie?

I have a few tips for washing a hoodie. First, wash it in cold water. Second, use a mild detergent. Third, let it dry on the inside naturally.

Do I need to use a particular type of detergent?

You can use any detergent that is suitable for your clothing. Make sure your hoodie is washed in cold water for the best results.

How can I get my hoodie to look like new again?

The best way to get your hoodie to look like new again is to wash it in cold water and then let it dry on the inside.

Do you wash your hoodie inside out or outside in?

I usually wash my hoodie inside out, but if I'm doing a lot of laundry, I will wash it outside.

How often should I wash my hoodie?

It depends on how much you use it. Your hoodie can be washed once a week if you wear it 2-3 times. Using your hoodie every day requires more frequent washing.

Does the pullover don’t get shrunk?

There is no observation that proves pullovers don't get shrunk. If the above tips are not followed, soon they lose shape.

How do you keep your hoodies from shrinking?

In order to prevent shrinking, always wash them in cold water and don’t iron them until they are completely dried.

What should I do if my hoodie gets wet?

If your hoodie gets wet, take it off and hang it up to dry. Don't put it in the washer or dryer.

What should I do if my hoodie starts to smell?

If your hoodie starts to smell, you need to wash it and use perfume as you wear it.

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