How to Use a Skateboard

How to Use a Skateboard? Expert and Useful Tips

Skateboarding is an art as well as fun-loving activity. It is a well known sport in the world. It is one of those fun sports that helps you in burning your calories and keeping you fit. It measures your success and gives you a sense of pride. 

This fun loving activity is a great source of pleasure for kids and adults. No one is good at the start of something. Sometimes, you learn something by experiencing it personally.  

It takes immense dedication and time to enjoy this pleasant and addictive sport. The basics to learn skateboarding is not hard to master but it needs a couple of tricks. 

Beginners Guide for Skateboard Riders

Follow these tips with better planning to make you a pro at riding skateboards.

Wearing Helmet

Go with a suitable helmet that fits your head and is comfortable and easy to carry. Wearing a suitable helmet is very crucial. 

It provides safety and protection to avoid injury and danger. Furthermore, it increases your confidence and makes a huge difference.

Choose the Right Skate Shoes

Another important aesthetic is Skate shoes. Make sure to wear shoes that have closed toes and flats, are durable, and have a rubber sole. 

It helps you to save from slip resistance and prevent heavy shocks when you take high-ups. Moreover, it also gives you a grip and makes you look stylish.

Get the Right Skateboard

Choosing the Best Skateboard is also an important task. It requires a lot of consideration. You can visit your local shops to select the skateboard for your needs. 

Go with the one that matches your height, weight, and riding level.

Knee and Elbow Pads

They can be very helpful in avoiding injuries, cuts, bruises, and burns. If you fall into danger the knee and elbow pads are important equipment to save your life. 

There are various types of knee and elbow pads. You have to find the one that matches your comfort level.

Wearing Wrist Guards

They also help you to prevent unnecessary damage. It reduces your chances of twisting and breaking your wrist. Wearing wrist guards gives you a strong grip on your hands and gives you more control while riding.

Use Thick Socks

Always wear thick and long pairs of socks that are easy to carry. It is simple and a good technique to avoid any kind of disturbance in your footwear.

Always Choose the Right Place

Finding the right place to choose is also an important step to speed up your progress. Choose a place like a parking lot or an empty basement.

Keep in your mind that the place you choose for practice would have plenty of space and must not be well crowded.

Learn How to Fall

Don't get afraid to fall. Falling and learning are part of life as well as of sports. Take great motivation and it won't hurt too much. 

Try skating at a lower speed and you need to either roll or take a slide when you hit the ground. It requires continuous training in developing a proper falling technique. 

Always Feel Comfortable while Riding Skateboard

Take a deep breath and start skating!

Spend your time riding your board without thinking of any technique. It gives you personal satisfaction and increases your morale.

Learn the Basics

Always start from the first. Come first. You need to learn the techniques of how to push, turn and fasten and slow down your board.

Without mastering these riding skills you cannot hit your desired goals. It also stops you from learning the most significant trick- the ollie.

Practice The Ollie Technique

The ollie is considered the basic foundation in learning the tricks of skateboarding. All the beginner, advanced and intermediate techniques are developed from it. 

Although it takes your time to learn this skill, practising the stationary for example on the grass accelerates the learning process.

Practising To Adopt Different Riding Positions

Everybody has their own particular and unique style and has different regular and goofy foot shapes. 

But skateboards need to adopt nollie, switch, and fake stances on many occasions. It happens all the time, especially when you do high-ups. The faster you master these skills the faster you will progress.

Make a Realistic Approach

Make a plan in your mind and set the goals that you want to achieve. Always remember that you start from the bare least and don't expect too much. 

Otherwise, frustration and failure will make you quit skateboarding.

Always Seeks the Advice

Ask for advice from your fellow skaters or your trainer. Follow their guidelines to improve your posture, feet positioning, and your body balance. It helps you to overcome your flaws. 

Avoid Comparison with Others

Everyone has their own mental and physical capabilities. Some learn in a faster way, others need time and continuous practice. 

Beginners learn skateboarding at different rates and with different mindsets. Avoid comparison in learning skills

Don't Impress Others

The most significant aspect of skateboarding is personal pleasure and fun. Beginners start to try to impress others by putting their lives in danger. 

This is the most common mistake that beginners make at the start of their careers. This is the silliest and most immature thing to make a showoff. Be humble and generous and don't hesitate in making mistakes.

Count Your Progress

Consistency is very important in learning to skateboard. Once you learn the new trick, practice it daily to make the perfect attempt. Make sure to learn one skill to take on a new challenge.

Give All Rounded Performance

Once you learn the new trick, practice it in the empty streets, grass fields and skate parks to make the best jump. Start to learn new moves without forgetting the old ones. 

Develop Your Own Skating Style

Avoid imitation and start innovation. Always be mindful of the thought that there is no rule in skateboarding. 

Free yourself from achieving any standard and develop your style. Most people are trying to copy their idols and want to reach their level. , they ended up with great fatigue and frustration. 

Record yourself on Your Phone

Another learning tool is to film your skateboarding moves on your camera phone. It helps you to highlight your mistakes and correct your body posture. 

You can always use them to seek advice and learn new tricks. It helps a lot of people in generating new techniques.

Always have Fun

Skateboarding is something that brings you joy. It's not necessary to master every skill and trick of this game.

Even at a higher level, it is considered something that gives pleasure. The sole purpose of this game is to have fun without having any tense attitude.

Never Lose Hope

This should be your life mantra. Even in your skateboarding don't get discouraged by making false attempts. 

Always remember that your hard work always pays off. If today brings sadness then tomorrow will be your day of happiness. So, keep trying and never lose hope.


Skateboarding is not difficult to master. By taking important consideration and equipment anyone can develop skills in this sport. The whole excitement lies in the rider's creativity. 

The growing skateboard culture is taking people's attention. They want to learn this sport to look cool and stylish. Moreover, this sport values dignity, creativity, and pride. 

It builds mutual respect, and friendly relations and promotes peace and harmony. Skaters more often encourage each other, make huge appreciation and avoid differences.

Have a nice day!

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